General Exam Tips for Writing the Board Exam

I remember when I wrote my board exams. I had no idea what to expect - how they would ask the questions or what kind of answers they would want. I remember being faced with piles and PILES of papers and feeling absolutely overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of I was expected to study. To add to it, there's all this pressure. You cannot practice without getting through this final hurdle and the pass mark is so high! It feels like there is no room to make mistakes. I don't envy you.

Although these were some of my (and maybe your) feelings, this is absolutely not true. Many people don't make it the first time and they survive. And actually, the exam is not too difficult when you understand what they want from you. But you don't know that when you are looking at those ominous, endless piles. I've also used the knowledge I gained many times over since I've been practicing, you would be surprised how many ethical dilemmas you face in your ordinary work. It really is an important exam, even if it's not necessarily the most interesting topic.

My experience was in my mind when I developed these talks for you, I wanted to offer you something that would really help you to prepare for the board exam and not feel so uncertain. In these two talks, I think that Callyn offers some really useful guidance. You will get a sense of what to expect and how to prepare. I wish I had these talks when I did the exam.

Good luck!

If you want to see Callyn give an overview on the board exam look here, while psychologists can see a more specific talk for them here

- Kyla

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