Helpful Lifestyle Changes for Patients with Tinnitus

South Africa

In this short clip, clinical audiologist Lara Benigson offers useful lifestyle changes patients presenting with tinnitus can implement to assist them in maintaining their recovery, or managing their difficulties.

In Lara's full, CPD-accredited talk on tinnitus, she discusses some of the psychological components of tinnitus, including the role of anxiety and Type-A personality in contributing to tinnitus. Lara offers a comprehensive understanding of tinnitus and her treatment interventions in this talk, available here. In this short clip, Lara discusses some of the ongoing lifestyle changes that patients can implement to empower themselves in maintaining their recovery and overall wellbeing.

Lara reminds us that mental and physical health are often interlinked, and that practices encouraging mindfulness and integrated wellbeing can be very helpful in reducing anxiety, and therefore the recurrence or intensity of the experience of tinnitus. These lifestyle interventions are recommended not only for those experiencing tinnitus, but for any individual struggling with anxiety and seeking balance and an enhanced experience of wellbeing.

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