Teletherapy in Speech Therapy: Some Surprising Benefits

South Africa

We tend to think of teletherapy as possibly not the ideal for therapeutic intervention. We're used to face-to-face intervention, and many of us have had to adapt to teletherapy during the Covid-19 pandemic, often with some trepidation and uncertainty. Dani Schlesinger is the chief audiologist at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, coordinating the cochlear implant programme and working as an aural rehabilitation therapist in both the public and private sector. In this clip, Dani speaks about how teletherapy can be applied in both public and private sectors. She highlights some of the surprising benefits of teletherapy. These benefits have meant that Dani and her patients are considering retaining some teletherapy contact after the pandemic passes. We hope you find this clip encouraging and useful!


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