Tips for New Therapists by Shanna Louwrens

In this short clip, Shanna Louwrens (MSC OT) offers tips for new therapists. While Shanna is an occupational therapist, her tips are valuable for any health professional looking to find their footing and develop their professional identity. Shanna offers a helpful and relateable voice, bringing back memories for me of being a newly qualified psychologist. It takes time to come into your own and gain confidence as a professional, and to overcome feelings of self-doubt besetting many therapists. It is so important to build one's own confidence that one has valuable skills to offer clients, and struggling with self-doubt can undermine this. Self-doubt can be amplified by feeling inexperienced. However, less experienced therapists often recognise the magnitude of tasks with humility, and work that much harder to read around their cases and offer each patient their absolute best. Watch the clip below to hear Shanna's tips for finding your footing.

If you'd like to watch Shanna's excellent talks on sensory modulation difficulties in children with cerebral palsy, click here


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