Tips for student supervision

As clinicians, we may be called upon during the course of our careers to supervise students in their clinical work. Jodie de Bruyn (MSC Occupational Therapy and lecturer) offers some practical tips to facilitate effective supervision which is both supportive and corrective, equipping students with clinical reasoning skills. Supervision is an invaluable part of the development of any clinician. In my own clinical work, I often have in mind the voices and perspectives of the supervisors I encountered during my training and beyond. While there is lots we can learn from books, many therapies are oral traditions, involving the passing on of information and clinical wisdom from one clinician to another. These practical tips are worth thinking about as we pave the way for new clinicians to gain mastery of their professional fields. To learn more about Jodie's wonderful CPD-accredited talks on the Vona Du Toit model of creative ability, click here.


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