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Tips to ensure neuroplastic changes in therapy

By Jodie de Bruyn on 20 July, 2020

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Neuroplasticity is a key goal of most types of therapy. Whether we are occupational therapists, speech & hearing therapists, physiotherapists or psychologists, we hope that the changes and gains made in therapy will be retained by our patients, and that this retention will be reflected in lasting changes to the patient's nervous system. Occupational Therapist and Calabash speaker Jodie De Bruyn offers some useful tips to ensure that neuroplastic changes are made in therapy. She breaks these tips down into usable key principles, including Use it or Lose it, specificity, repetition and salience. Watch this 3 minute clip below for these invaluable tips. If you're interested in Jodie's wonderful CPD-accredited talks on the Vona du Toit model of creative ability, click here.


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