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Understanding sensory processing disorder

By Joanne Zagnoev on 12 May, 2020

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Sensory processing difficulties were described by Occupational therapist Anna Jean Ayres, and form an important part of the practice of occupational therapy today, in terms of the importance of understanding children's sensory profiles and the ways in which they interact with and experience their worlds. Some children may experience sensory processing difficulties, which need to be identified and addressed to help children with resulting experiences which may be distressing, such as feeling overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, or empty and prone to seeking ever-increasing stimulation. Understanding this area is important for psychologists, speech language therapists, educators and medical practitioners who work with children, as this area sits at the cross-section of all these disciplines.

In this short clip, clinical psychologist Joanne Zagnoev provides a brief overview of 3 patterns of sensory processing, and possible associated difficulties. This short clip is a useful complement to Shanna Louwrens' talks on sensory modulation patterns in chidlren with cerebral palsy, available here.

If you're interested in Joanne's excellent talks on peri-natal mood & anxiety disorders, you can view them here.

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