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Using a Process to Drive Language Development

By Louise Ashton on 06 October, 2020

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Speech therapist & audiologist Louise Ashton shares how processes can be used to drive language development. It seems it's not about the activity one is doing with a child, but the way in which one interacts with a child in a reciprocal manner which expands their cognitive and language capability. Louise offers a lovely example of how an activity can be used in this reciprocal manner to help a child plan and approach an activity he or she was feeling uncertain about. Louise's approach speaks to me as a psychologist, as the reciprocal interqaction between caregivers and children not only promotes their cognitive and language development, but also the parent-child relationship and the development of secure attachment. It's amazing to see how our fields overlap and how integrated development really is. Louise full CPD talk on listening and language development through play in ages 0 to 3 years is available here.


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