Who's afraid of getting into trouble?

For many professionals, the thought of getting into trouble with one's professional body or with the law is a dreaded notion. We all value our reputation and professional standing among colleagues, and want to uphold our sense of integrity within our community. Sometimes the thought of getting into trouble can become persecutory, where we imagine losing our professional registration, which is core to many of our identities.

Clinical psychologist Judith Ancer is an experienced clinical supervisor, having mentored many clinicians in running their practices. She provides well-reasoned and reassuring thoughts about how to practice ethically in such a way that we feel protected and in control. There are measures we can take in the way we conduct ourselves that can protect us. Judith reminds us that professional bodies are not our adversaries, but are there to protect all parties and ensure ethical outcomes, including the best interests of the public and of practitioners.

The process of coming to feel confident as a professional is a valuable one. I found Judith's short clip reassuring, and I hope you will too. If you'd like to watch Judith's full talk on gender and sexuality, check it out here.


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