How It Works


How Calabash Works

Welcome to Calabash - a place for healthcare professionals to share knowledge and grow professionally through high quality, engaging content. This page will help you understand more about how Calabash works, and where to get started.

What is a Partner?

A Calabash Partner is a company or individual who provides content to our many users, through our platform. Every Partner is carefully vetted for their expertise before we provide them with a revenue sharing agreement. Partners are responsible for creating and uploading new talks, and having them accredited in various countries, while Calabash is responsible for providing the platform to share and sell these talks. Read more about Partners here.

What is a Contributor?

A Calabash Contributor is an individual expert who provides articles to Calabash, which are checked and vetted similarly to Partners. These articles are published on our site, and shared with the wider community to help achieve our goal of sharing expertise from around the world. Read more about Contributors here.

How do I purchase talks?

There are three different methods of purchasing a talk and receiving the accreditation (if it applies to you).

How do I get my CPD points?

Once you have purchased a talk, you will be able to watch the full talk at any time. Some talks require you to complete a quiz, while others do not. You should review the talk details to find out more about this. If you are required to complete a quiz, you should do so at your earliest convenience, and you will automatically be sent your accreditation certificate once you have passed.

How do I participate in discussions?

Any user who has purchased a talk can take part in the discussion around it. All you need to do is sign in, view the talk and add your comments. If you have agreed to receive our weekly updates, we will let you know about new discussion points made on talks that you have purchased.

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