Hague Convention Psycho-Legal Assessments on Child Abduction


In this talk, experienced forensic psychologist, Juana Horn shares lessons learned when conducting a Hague Convention psycho-legal assessment.  The Hague Convention covers international child abductions, and South Africa and Australia are among over 100 signatories.  The talk is divided into 3 parts.  The first part examines key features of the Hague Convention (HC) itself, including the purpose of the HC, and exceptions to the stated purpose.  The second section looks at interesting contextual factors such as changes over time in the nature of HC applications, issues to pay attention to in the development of the assessment framework, and limitations of such an assessment.  The final section examines some content issues, and also looks at a recent matter, available online for reference, of a matter in which a mother from Thailand abducted her children into South Africa, and details how this matter unfolded and was finalised.

The talk might be useful to practitioners who have not yet undertaken such an assessment, or to illustrate the particular perspectives and discoveries of the presenter for practitioners who are already proficient in such assessments.

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