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Cheryl Fisher

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Cheryl Fisher (MSC OT) runs an Occupational therapy practice specialising in Sensory Integration with children aged birth to approximately 13 years of age, informed by principles of DIR:Floortime. Cheryl has advanced training in the DIR model through Profectum Academy in the USA. Cheryl has worked as a clinical tutor for the University of the Witwatersrand providing clinical supervision of 3rd and 4th year students. She is involved in running an NPO, Spotlight Trust, which is aimed at providing training and support for children who have difficulties relating and engaging, and their parents/therapists through DIR:Floortime training and mentoring around the country. Cheryl’s practice is one in which children are enabled to reach their full potential. She has a desire to use her skills to the benefit of disadvantaged children, and an interest in working with children with physical or learning difficulties who are under the age of 10. She enjoys working closely with parents to provide the best intervention for the child to allow for carry over in the home and school environments.

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