Introduction to Schema Therapy - Part 1 - Core Childhood Needs & Maladaptive Schemas

New Zealand

Schema Therapy was developed by Jeffrey Young in the 1990’s. It has gained international recognition as an integrated, emotionally-focused, therapeutic approach that is particularly helpful in complex cases. In Part 1 of this 2-part series, Clinical Psychologist, Nicky Abdinor, provides an introduction to the core childhood needs and 18 maladaptive Schemas as developed by Young. The theory is based on the premise that unmet core childhood needs lead to the development of schemas - a template to how we view ourselves, others and the world.

Part 1 can be viewed as a stand-alone presentation, but is ideally paired with Part 2. It is a valuable presentation for psychologists new to the Schema therapeutic approach; those considering doing accredited training; and psychologists needing a “refresher” on the therapeutic principles.

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