The Frontal Lobes: Anatomy, Function & Dysfunction

New Zealand

In this video, clinical neuroanatomist Dr. Coenie Hattingh outlines the anatomy and functioning of the frontal lobes, as well as dysfunction of the frontal lobes due to damage, making reference to the links between the site of damage and the associated syndromes. This activity offers health professionals a detailed understanding of the frontal lobes, which are essential to key functions, including executive functioning, personality, and emotion regulation. This will assist practitioners working with clients impacted by frontal lobe dysfunction, as well as equip practitioners with important neuropsychological understanding. In addition, the lecture provides an important understanding of the anatomical & physiological underpinnings of frontal lobe function & dysfunction.



  1. Introduction and Terminology
  2. Structural & functional anatomy of the frontal lobes
  3. Development of the frontal lobes & frontal lobe dysfunction
  4. Frontal lobe syndromes
  5. Dysexecutive memory impairment
  6. Conclusion

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