Perspectives on the Oedipus Complex: Freud, Klein & Lacan

New Zealand

Professor Don Carveth offers a fascinating talk about the Oedipus complex, a central organizing complex in Freudian and much of psychoanalytic thought. Prof. Carveth describes Freud’s concept of the Oedipus complex, and goes on to address key debates that have arisen related to the Oedipus complex, including: Is the Oedipus complex universal, or culturally specific? Is it fundamentally about lust, or is it about narcissistic desires to be at the centre? Carveth looks at how the Oedipus complex plays a central role in organizing psychic life, and considers how individuals reach optimal resolution of this complex. He brings in Kleinian thought, looking at how the Oedipus complex manifests in the paranoid-schizoid versus depressive positions. This is a very valuable talk for practitioners who conduct psychotherapy, and wish to assist clients with struggles around relationships which are related to early oedipal experiences. Prof. Carveth provides a framework to clinically formulate different manifestations of the Oedipus complex. 

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