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The Neurodiversity Centre (NDC) was founded in order to provide multi-disciplinary assessment, support and intervention in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, developmental paediatrics, speech and language therapists, and education and early intervention specialists. We work as a team to attend to children, adolescents and adults presenting with neurodevelopmental (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, intellectual disabilities,OCD etc.) needs and challenges. We work together as a team, and seek to collaborate with families in order to assess the needs of the children, and their families, who come to us.

The term 'ESSENCE' (Early Symptomatic Syndromes Eliciting Neurodevelopmental Clinical Examinations) that the NDC have adopted is a means of thinking about the broad and varied ways in which early-onset neurodevelopmental challenges present and is at the core of our treatment modality.

Assessment at the NDC is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, and is grounded in the unique presenting needs of each and every individual attending our service. Assessment may well be required across many developmental dimensions and settings; and may require both formal and informal assessments, in the home, the school (or creche) and the Centre. A core factor in the success of applied interventions is the extent to which the family, school and team can work together around the child or individual.

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There is growing evidence of substantial overlap between neurodevelopmental conditions (such as the autisms, ADHD, learning disabilities, motor dysfunction, tics, epilepsy, and related concerns). However, the trend in clin...

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South Africa 3 CEU points Accredited by HPCSA
Namibia 3 CEU points Accredited by HPCSA

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