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Colinda Linde

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Colinda Linde qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 1992, and after a year as Resident Psychologist at two Places of Safety, she went into private practice. Colinda works from a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy paradigm, which suits her desire to empower and teach, as the relationship is an equal, open, collaborative one - and the techniques are empirically proven to be effective. She specialises in anxiety disorders (panic, social phobia), and works extensively in the areas of stress management, work-life balance, sleep issues, assertion and mindfulness. Colinda is passionate about empowering people to become their own therapist - if they learn the right skills, they are not dependent on the therapist or therapy. Part of this drive has resulted in the creation of her self-help CBT website, which includes free information and techniques ( and in 2015 the launch of a first in SA: CBT Group Therapy (more on  Advocacy and helping those who cannot access private healthcare, is another area where teaching and empowering have combined for Colinda. She has been involved with SADAG (the South African Depression and Anxiety Group), the largest mental health advocacy group in Africa, since 1997, and she currently serves as the Chairperson of SADAG's Scientific and Advisory Board. Colinda runs workshops on social skills, assertion, and practical mindfulness. She offers individual consults (in person and via Skype), public and group workshops.

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Calabash | CPD Courses For Health Care Professionals | South Africa, Canada, Australia & The UK

Dr. Colinda Linde outlines various anxiety disorders and how to differentiate between them. She also discusses how depression links to the anxiety disorders. Lastly, Colinda discusses treatment options using a CBT framewor...

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Calabash Colinda Linde


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