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Lauren Davis

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Lauren Davis is a Speech-Language Therapist and Director of Cognitive Education at Bellavista School. Lauren has worked as a Speech-Language Therapist for 16 years and has worked with preschool and school age children from mainstream, remedial and special needs environments. She has worked at Bellavista school for more than 10 years and has a passion for cognitive education and teaching children how to think. She believes in the amazing potential of each child and finding their unique ways of learning. She believes strongly in collaboration and sharing of knowledge with parents and other professionals.

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Learners with ASD have a different, not defective, way of thinking. This conversation will introduce autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and briefly look at the changes in the diagnostic criteria and levels classification. The...

South Africa 3 CEU points Accredited by HPCSA
Namibia 3 CEU points Accredited by HPCSA

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Credit Price 8 Credits
Instant Price 336 ZAR
Talk Duration 01:41:10
Quiz Length 15 questions

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