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Sheetal Vallabh

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Sheetal Vallabh is a clinical psychologist and a family and divorce mediator. She provides specialised therapeutic interventions for adults, couples and families. As a family and divorce mediator, she supports families through the emotional, psychological and logistical complexities of a separation and divorce and help them manage and work through difficult feelings and any conflict. Sheetal assists parents with creating post-separation and divorce arrangements, and she include the children in her child-centred mediation process.

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Calabash | CPD Courses For Health Care Professionals | South Africa, Canada, Australia & The UK

This talk introduces the process of child-centred mediation. The speaker, Sheetal Vallabh, is a clinical psychologist who specialises in this area. Sheetal defines mediation in the context of separation and divorce, and ex...

South Africa 3 CEU points Accredited by UFS

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Talk Duration 00:59:12
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Calabash Sheetal Vallabh


Divorce Family Relationships

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