An Introduction to Child-Centred Mediation

This talk introduces the process of child-centred mediation. The speaker, Sheetal Vallabh, is a clinical psychologist who specialises in this area. Sheetal defines mediation in the context of separation and divorce, and explains how she includes the child in the process, including a thorough consideration of the child's emotional needs. She refers to relevant legal and ethical principles, and key concepts in this area, including contact and care. Sheetal emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all parenting plan.



  1. Defining Mediation
  2. Can Mediation be Therapeutic?
  3. Dealing with Children in the Mediation Process
  4. The Role of Therapists in Dealing with Parents
  5. Legal & Ethical Issues in Mediation
  6. Relevant Laws & Legal Principles
  7. Conclusion

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