Building Brains: Interpreting CT and MRI scan results and paper cases

South Africa

This video presents the neuroanatomy of the brain through CT and MRI brain scans. Firstly, a brief introduction to the differences in these scanning technologies and the terminology used in CT and MRI scan reports are explained, including the differences between chronic versus acute brain lesions and the impact this has on neuroplasticity. A 3D clay model of the brain is sliced to reveal internal structures of the brain. Lastly, three paper cases of CT scan reports are reviewed and areas of deficit expected to present in the patient are included. 



  1. CT Scans And MRI scans
  2. Old vs New Strokes and the Impact on Neuroplasticity
  3. Slicing of the Built Brain
  4. CT Scan Reports: 3 Paper Cases
  5. Conclusion

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