Core Elements to Suicide Risk Assessment

In this talk, Director of Suicide Risk Assessment Australia, Carmen Betterridge, offers a framework for understanding suicide and its assessment. Suicidality can be a subject clinicians find anxiety provoking and difficult to engage with. Carmen highlights the central features of appropriate approach and attitude to clients who may be at risk of suicide, including the role of empathy and compassionate connection in establishing a sound basis from which to undertake an assessment. Carmen highlights the importance of assessing psychosocial needs  that may be driving suicidality, together with opportunities for support. This talk introduces concepts of internal and external drivers of suicidal behaviours, as described in clinical research. Carmen offers practical elements to support a suicide enquiry, with specific questions aiding in the uncovering of intent, essential to the assessment of suicidality. 


  1.       Compassionate Connection
  2.       Psychosocial Needs Based Assessment
  3.       Understanding Drivers of Suicidality
  4.       The Suicide Enquiry



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