Developing a Listening Brain: An Introduction to Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Developing a listening brain: Jenni Bester & Barbara Kellett (LSLS, cert. AVT)

Jenni and Barbara are the first 2 South African therapists to qualify as Listening and Spoken Specialists Certified Auditory Verbal therapists.  In this presentation they discuss the impact of hearing loss on brain development and the implication for developing spoken language.  We will emphasize the importance of starting early and the latest information on New-born Hearing Screening in South Africa.  The principles of auditory verbal theory and practice will be introduced, highlighting the importance of parent coaching, listening first and following a developmental model.  Implications for the South African Context will also be discussed.  Video discussion will provide practical application of the specific strategies discussed.

Sections to be covered:

1. Introduction

2. Why is hearing loss a neurodevelopmental emergency?

3. What is AVT?

4. When do we start?

5. How do we proceed?


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