Speech-Sound Disorders: Differential Diagnosis & Treatment

Karien Marais highlights how important it is to make an accurate differential diagnosis when it comes to the underlying condition causing a speech-sound disorder. Diagnosis links to treatment approach, and treating the incorrect condition can lead to ineffective treatment. The speaker offers viewers the tools to think critically about the work they are doing in speech-language therapy, as well as how to distinguish between different disorders. Video clips of therapy sessions are embedded in this talk to illustrate the concepts discussed, and these are all in Afrikaans.



  1. Introduction
  2. Why is differential diagnosis necessary?
  3. A basic model of speech production
  4. Types of speech-sound disorders: Definitions, nature of disorders, assessment, & guidelines for treatment, including:

·       Articulation Impairment

·       Phonological processes

·       Developmental apraxia of speech

·       Speech motor delay

·       Developmental dysarthria

     5.  Future Trends: In the final section of the talk, Karien takes a look at future trends in developmental speech disorders, offering an introduction to an articulatory phonology perspective. 



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