Employment Ethics Part II: Demystifying rights and responsibilities

Join Annelie van Der Westhuyzen, founder of Ethics Simplified and speech therapist with a masters in Bioethics & Health Law, as she demystifies issues around employment in the health care sector.

This talk is a follow-on from the Employment Ethics: Part I. It can be watched as a separate entity, but will be most beneficial if you have watched Part I first.

This talk covers the benefits that an employee (locum, independent contractor and employee) is entitled to, highlighting the relevant basic conditions of employment as stipulated in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), such as sick leave, maternity leave, pension and medical aid. The talk also covers commission-based payment (or remuneration based on a percentage of income generated), a common and controversial structure for group practices.

Annelie also discusses the circumstances under which a health professional needs income protection and whose responsibility it is to get it.

This talk offers the benefit of including real-life scenarios posed by audience members, which Annelie addresses with clarity. This talk focuses on the Labour Relations Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act in South Africa.

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