An Introduction to The Interactional Approach to Psychotherapy

"I relate therefore I am; so how I impact on you and how you impact on me determines the nature and quality of our being" - Vorster 2011

The Interactional Approach punctuates observations, formulations and interventions on observable, tangible and describable verbal and non-verbal behaviour. It is an approach to psychotherapy that is grounded in the person-centred approach, systems theory and communication theory and is an effective framework for integrating different therapeutic techniques for a psychotherapeutic process that is highly effective. In this talk, you'll learn about the difference between the interactional and intra-psychic approach, the theoretical foundations of the interactional approach, and the interactional pattern analysis: a psychodiagnostic tool that is grounded in the interactional approach. The Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA) will enhance your work as it helps clinicians understand the underlying mechanisms of distress they observe in their clients, helping clinicians bring about second order change in their interventions, and help clients experience deep and long-term relief. It is broadly applicable and can be used with therapeutic techniques from all modalities. The talk includes an IPA case study to help viewers see how to use this tool. 

This is a talk for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, and mental health OT's. This talk is for all therapists who want to work in a highly effective, integrative way. 



1. Introduction to the Interactional Approach to Psychotherapy

2. The Theoretical Foundations of the Interactional Approach

3. The Interactional Pattern Analysis

4. Case Study


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