Use of low-tech tools and devices in Hand Therapy: The Wrist and Forearm

Treating hands can feel repetitive and patients are not motivated to engage in their home exercise programmes. This presentation will help therapists find easy ways to use everyday objects in hands therapy that are functional and motivating.

Technology used in hand therapy does not need to be high-tech and expensive. Ordinary, everyday objects and tools can easily be transformed into useful therapeutic tools, which the patient can take home as part of their home exercise programme. This makes the home exercise programme stimulating and easier to continue between clinical follow-up visits.

This presentation explains how low-tech tools may be used to improve forearm and wrist mobility and strength. In addition, therapists will be made aware of useful hand therapy tools that may be found in unlikely places such as household and kitchen shops. Lastly, low-tech objects that may be used to improve the hand and wrist position of a very spastic, flexed hand will also be demonstrated.

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