The Board Exam: An overview for mental health professionals

United Kingdom

This introductory talk gives an overview of the South African board exams and how best to prepare for them. It is targeted to all categories within the psychology registration including clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, educational psychologists, industrial psychologists, research psychologists, psychometrists and registered counsellors. Each category is touched on and the area of focus is highlighted. The speaker further discusses ethics for all the categories. The speaker also outlines how to integrate the information effectively when answering questions and provides you with a framework from which to work from in your preparation.

The speaker will answer the questions that you may have when faced with the overwhelming study material - do I need to learn all of this? She also speaks about the trends that crop up and gives a useful case example. Some further things that are addressed in this talk include a discussion on stats, the bell curve, how to use the acts and what comes up as a long question, short question or MCQs.

Purchase of this talk includes a handout with sample questions and answers



  1. Collecting and organising your materials
  2. Study materials for the different categories
  3. Ethics for psychometrists, industrial psychologists and counsellors
  4. Ethics for clinical and counselling psychologist
  5. Conclusion

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