An Intro to Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Most healthcare professionals operate as small businesses, and as with all small business you're likely to struggle with the same critical issue. How do you get more business? Of course, your profession comes with a range of additional limitations that most businesses don't have, and figuring out the right way to market your business without breaking the rules or the bank can be tricky. As part of my marketing series, I'll lay out a few important principles.


A typical business will employ an agency to design a comprehensive brand, which is likely to include items such as logos, brand guidelines, print collateral, mission and vision statements, signage, and a selection of other items. For healthcare professionals, this is a little more tricky. You want to convey professionalism to potential clients, while not coming across as a business (depending on what type of healthcare professional you are). At the very least, you should start with a logo and business cards. While it may be tempting to get your local printer to do this cheaply for you, I suggest having a professional designer or local agency do it properly.


Every business needs a website, and healthcare professionals no less than any other type of company. It'll likely be the primary place that potential clients will find you, or information about you. To find out more, you can read my full article on getting yourself a website here.

Google Ads

Whenever you search for something on Google, you'll notice that the top few results are indicated as ads. These are paid promotions that anyone can set up to target specific searches in specific locations. While Google Ads can become expensive, if you know what you're doing, you'll likely get good results from it. I will write a detailed article on this, but the starting point is to decide what you can budget on a monthly basis, and find videos online on how to set up an account (there are many of them). It's important that you know what you can afford every month for the foreseeable future, and you stick to it. If you're running a larger business such as a clinic or doctors rooms, you're better off investing in an agency to do this work for you with expertise.

Facebook Ads

For healthcare professionals with individual practices, I wouldn't suggest using Facebook Ads. While they can be powerful, you need a deeper understanding of how to target people effectively, and get good graphic design work done. Without these, you'll just be wasting money. If you're a larger business, then you should employ an agency to do this properly.

Local Marketing

This is probably the best place to start, and it'll be the lowest cost option. Most healthcare professionals serve a local area, and you can build relationships with other local businesses to promote each other. Have a look around your neighborhood for small businesses (coffee shops, doctors rooms, optometrists), and try have a chat to the owner. Ask if you can leave behind a few business cards in return for having some at your office. You can also look at local supermarkets for boards that you might be able to post a flyer. Some apartment buildings might even let you do it. The key is to get out, chat to business owners, and spread your business cards as far as possible.

Your Network

Another important starting point. Let your friends and family know that you're open for business, and post on your Facebook profile or Facebook groups. Encourage people you know to spread the word when they can. Sooner or later they'll speak to someone who's looking for your kind of expertise, and they'll put in a good word. Make sure that all those people have your contact info!

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