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Case Study: Managing tinnitus in my practice

By Lara Benigson on 12 November, 2019

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It is such a relief to know that there is effective treatment for patients with tinnitus. The sudden onset 

of tinnitus can feel overwhelming for a patient, who may feel distressed by the idea that tinnitus will be 

part of their reality for the rest of their lives. The panic around this can lead to severe anxiety and 

distress, further aggravating the tinnitus. Knowing that there is a programme of treatment available is 

enormously helpful for people. 

In this useful short clip, clinical audiologist Lara Benigson shares a few insights about assessing 

patients who are experiencing tinnitus. Key questions informing treatment include whether the tinnitus 

is related to hearing loss or not (this influences whether a hearing aid is part of the treatment plan), 

and whether the onset of tinnitus was preceded by a traumatic event. Lara emphasizes the need to 

assess for suicidality and severe psychological distress and to intervene appropriately with a referral 

to a mental health professional. She looks at the pros and cons of using distraction and alternate 

sounds (such as a fan or water feature), and advocates for the use of relaxation techniques in tinnitus 


If you'd like to understand more about tinnitus and its management, watch Lara's full CPD-accredited talk here.


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