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Cindy Strydom on Establishing a new practice

By Cindy Strydom on 23 March, 2019

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It can be so daunting to start a new practice. I've heard established therapists say that it takes between two and five years to build yourself up. Building a network of colleagues in your field is vital and helps assure you a referral source. Make sure people know where you work, what your area of interest is and that you are competent and ethical. However, keep referring back to your colleagues, otherwise you will find this stream runs dry. I also believe in ongoing training and supervision - you are the tool of your trade, make sure to keep your instrument sharp! I've found that it is important to keep building your relationships even if you are fully booked, this business is precarious and in private practice we are vulnerable to medical aids, school holidays, the fluctuating economy and so on. Patience is key!

Cindy Strydom has a thriving cognitive behavioural therapy focused psychology practice in Johannesburg and she shares some of her insights with you.

Some of the things she discusses in this short clip are:

  • Billing structures
  • Marketing
  • Deciding on a your niche
  • Establishing boundaries

Watch her talk on techniques in cognitive behavioural therapy here


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