About Contributors

South Africa

What is a Calabash Contributor?

A Calabash Contributor is an expert in their field, who writes and uploads articles to the Calabash platform for publication.

Who can become a Contributor?

Any person who is a trained health care professional may contribute articles. We do not accept organizations as contributors - articles should be written and published through your own expertise.

Are Contributors paid?

No. Contributing articles to Calabash is a means of sharing your expertise, knowledge and experiences with your colleagues around the world. As part of our vision, we provide this as a free service to both you and the user.

What are the requirements for publishing articles?

Any person with peer recognised training may publish an article, and every article must adhere to our terms of use and fall within the areas of expertise that we offer. Each article is read and checked by our team before publication and we reserve the right to amend or reject any articles or profiles.

How do I become a Contributor?

First, create your Calabash Profile by signing up (if you haven't done so already). Once you have a confirmed profile, you can apply to be a Contributor from your profile dashboard and publish articles from the same place.

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