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About Calabash

THE CALABASH STORYThe Calabash of Knowledge is an African fable which tells the story of how knowledge came to be shared throughout the world. In this...

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About Contributors

What is a Calabash Contributor?A Calabash Contributor is an expert in their field, who writes and uploads articles to the Calabash platform for public...

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About Partners

What is a Calabash Partner?A Calabash Partner is a company, organization or individual who creates content, uploads it to the Calabash Platform and re...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calabash?Calabash is a platform that allows health professionals to watch interesting and relevant videos online and acquire CPD points.What a...

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How It Works

How Calabash WorksWelcome to Calabash - a place for healthcare professionals to share knowledge and grow professionally through high quality, engaging...

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