Criminal Minds: Understanding Criminal Behaviour

Experienced clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Giada del Fabbro offers insight into criminal behaviour and its causes and manifestations. She begins by looking at theories around etiology, considering the impact of both nature and nurture. The role of childhood trauma and learnt behaviour in informing whether an individual buys into the social contract is looked at. Dr. Del Fabbro also looks at neuro-imaging studies which consider brain differences in individuals who commit crimes. She then moves on to distinguish antisocial personality disorder from psychopathy, looking at traits that influence prognosis. She distinguishes between internal and external criminogenic factors, looking at the effect of the social context. The final section considers interventions, including possibilities for psychotherapy versus behavioural containment. This talk is important in offering an understanding of violence and the risk factors associated, so as to inform preventative measures and early intervention.  

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