Sensory & Emotional Regulation 4: Picky eating

South Africa

A 4 session course to discuss aspects of behavior that are difficult for the parent and professional to understand. The tendency to label children in diagnostic categories or as “behavior disorders” is a strong practice in medicine as well as education today. Parents are being shifted backwards and forwards from one opinion to the other. Techniques are tried and let go, and through it all, the child’s eyes are upon us. The child does not want to feel out of control, yet is feeling helpless at what is not available to feel in control. These sessions will look at what the literature and practice is saying about modulation from an occupational therapy perspective. Maude will also cover what the literature is saying about emotional regulation and how these two aspects overlap in our understanding of child behavior. This short course will inspire your thinking and provide practical tips and ideas for professionals as well as parents.

This is the fourth talk in a four-part series


In this talk, users will learn to:

•      Describe the impact of modulation / regulation on picky eating behavior

•      Consider at least 5 principles of intervention with regards to picky eating


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