Parenting in Cyberspace

Parenting in cyberspace is a pervasive challenge of our era. In my own practice, I hear many parents attribute some of their children's difficulties to online activity, and it seems that parents find their children's cyber-world at times alienating and unnerving. There's often a generation gap, where parents relate differently to the online world to how children do, and may even demonise this world as only potentially harmful. It's hard to see this chasm between parents and their kids, and as a therapist there is a feeling of wanting to help create bridges to allow parents and children to relate to one another.

I've always had difficulty with a prohibitive approach towards screens, but equally feel that an overly permissive approach can be unhelpful. Vanessa is really balanced in her approach, offering parents some practical tools for navigating this world. It's so important for parents to feel confident and savvy, and to claim their roles as leaders in their families, with the wisdom to guide their kids and teens when it comes to the opportunities and pitfalls of cyberspace.

If you're interested in Vanessa's full, CPD-accredited talk on the gifts and challenges of the online world, click here.


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